The Reason Behind it All


I am living today as a testimony, a real life story, of the reality and the goodness of Jesus Christ. My response to His name is worship, thanks, adoration, and inexpressible love because of the countless things that He has done in my life. Words will never be enough to scratch the surface of His goodness.

In other posts I will write out these many incredible things. I will expound on who I was before Jesus and who I now am after having SEEN, TOUCHED, and KNOWN Him in my life.

But in this post, I simply want EVERYONE who visits my website to see that Jesus is everything, and I am nothing without Him.

I want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to know the freedom, joy, life, peace, and healing that I have found. If we’re all starving beggars in this dark world, I’m just another normal, unimpressive, scraggly one who has found some bread– and I want to show everyone where to get it.

The Bad News

You see, our dark world and our painful life weren’t meant to be this way. God intended for everyone to live a life of peace, joy, and happiness in a perfect world. We were meant to be princes, ruling over this world in relationship with our king, the God who created us.

But there is a big problem. God is perfect…and we are far from it. We constantly, daily, make mistakes by actively doing bad things, and by passively not doing the right things. I lie, I lust, I hate, I am rude, I envy, I am greedy and selfish on a pretty regular basis. I don’t stand up for the right things, and I do stand up for the wrong things. I’m sure you resonate with at least one of those things…

This problem, this “sin”, has separated us from God. He is perfect: and to allow imperfection (even the smallest bit) in his presence is to deny and violate His character. As sad as it is, He cannot allow us to be with Him while we remain stained by our imperfection. The punishment for sin, even the smallest imperfection, is death. Without punishment for wrongdoing, there is injustice. And God is righteous; full of justice. So we die.  The more we go our own way, living separate from God, the more we die on the inside. And when we physically die, we are separated from God forever.

The Good News

But He wanted us to be with Him. So He made a way. Jesus came.

Jesus is God. He is a perfect representation of who God is, but in human form. When Jesus lived here on earth 2000 years ago, He put aside his deity and lived a human life, feeling all the temptation and pain we daily face. But he never sinned even once. Jesus gave us a perfect model of what life should be like in relationship with God.

Jesus was innocent, and good, but men in his culture were angered by his claims to be God, despite the miracles God did through Him. Hardened in their hearts against the truth, they killed Him. Jesus could have easily escaped death– He was the only one in history who didn’t deserve it! But He obeyed God to the end, and willingly, voluntarily laid His life down.

They killed him by crucifying him on a cross, an age-old Roman execution. But what happened when they killed him was astonishing. Because Jesus was perfect, undeserving of punishment, God chose to put onto Jesus all of the sin and evil of every person in all of human history, so that it all died when He did. God fulfilled justice perfectly that day– Jesus’ death fulfilled the cry for justice to be served for sin. He died in our place, not just for us– AS us. We should have been on that cross, but Jesus, the only one who didn’t deserve that death, chose to take it upon himself.

Then, 3 days later, Jesus rose from the dead, conquering death and sin and evil completely. He came back to life by the power of God, and proved to those who believed in Him that it is true, and that He is really alive.

And the best news of all – Jesus said that EVERYONE and ANYONE who chooses to believe in Him, and accept his death on the cross as punishment for their own sin, will receive new life, just like Jesus when He rose from the dead. He invites us to rise from the dead with Him, and all we have to do is trust in Him!

It’s Free

Life in Jesus is a FREE GIFT that no one could ever earn, but anyone can receive if they choose to. It’s amazing that so many people don’t know about this gift!

This gift is amazing. Jesus paid for our sin, so we never have to feel any more shame or condemnation about things we’ve done in our past, present, or future. He also gives us new life, so we can be at peace. He gives us joy in every circumstance, and changes us from the inside out and makes us new people with hope and life. And because He is alive today, we can live the life God always intended for us – in a real relationship with Him. Through Jesus alone can we become who we were created to be and live life like it was meant to be lived: to the fullest.

But, like any gift, it must be received and unwrapped. Do you want to receive this amazing gift? It’s not hard…

If you want to accept Jesus’ punishment on the cross for your sins, and receive this new life, all you have to do is tell him. If we believe in our hearts that Jesus died and rose again, fully paying for our mistakes, and if we publicly confess that He’s the king of our hearts, He promises to rescue us. If you believe, why don’t you pray (talk to God, out loud – He hears you!) something like this:

“Jesus, I know that I’m not perfect. I have sinned. But I believe that you died for me, you rose from the dead, and that you will give me new life. I accept you as my savior and my God. I invite you into my life and I will now live in relationship with you. Thank you Jesus!”

If you prayed this for the first time, please email me! ( I want to talk to you and just give you some quick info on how to experience all that God has for your life. There are a few very important steps to take to see this happen!

Also, if you prayed this for the first time, something has happened. Your entire eternity has changed. You will start to slowly experience a complete transformation of everything you thought you knew. You are now forgiven for everything you have ever done and will ever do. You are clean, pure, and unstained. You are a new person, and day by day you will start to live like it – not by your own efforts, but because there’s now a power at work in your life that will do it through you. You will still make some mistakes, because we’re all still learning. But your life will change.

In the end, all of life is just about knowing Jesus! No matter what people who talk about Jesus or claim to know him say and do, HE is constant.

All of my life, and all my blog posts are pointed back at who Jesus is and what He has done for me and for you. Jesus is the reason behind it all.