I make it.

Here are my four musical outlets:


Historically, this has been where I’ve posted and sold music. I haven’t sold anything here in a while. It’s kind of my miscellaneous musical outlet. I have lots of instrumental tracks and two acoustic songs. It’s basically my hobby/fundraiser music page.


Glenmerle is my band. We play shows, but we haven’t done much yet. We’ll be coming out with some tunes this summer. Until then, enjoy the crappy demos and live takes.


Antioch Live is my church’s band. We make live worship albums. I help write and produce the songs and I play electric guitar. We have a new album coming out soon called “It Is Finished” and it is going to be absolutely incredible.

4. Producing

I haven’t figured out where, but at some point I’m going to publish/post all the other musical projects I’ve worked on. I record a lot of freelance soundtracks for videos, and I want to showcase them all somewhere, and try to get more jobs. I also want to post here other projects I’ve worked on or produced (Yukon Neighbors, Brandon Seibert, etc.).



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