I am Thomas Wilson. I went to university in Waco, I play guitar, I am part of the Antioch Movement, and I have given my whole life to Jesus.

I’m a little bit obsessed with sunsets, learning to see sunrises, and I thoroughly enjoy animals. I also like eating animals, drinking coffee, and climbing tall things. But my whole life is a biography written by Jesus, and his death and resurrection were the introduction to the adventure I’m on now…which is much larger than the details you see today.

Currently, I’m living in Wacotown, TX, I’m serving in church, and I’m playing in an indie rock band, Glenmerle. I’m learning how to follow the Holy Spirit with every thought and decision, and I’m learning how to use the things I’m passionate about in a way that brings heaven to earth. Although life is busy, I’m continually learning to be interrupted by God, by people, and by beauty…and this blog is one of those interruptions.